Our services allow you to concentrate on your core competencies. Leave keeping your accounts to us – reliably and accurately.

HR Services – Payroll Management

BRG examines and offers a comprehensive range of tax services to local and international clients

Internal Audit

Thanks to our independent, competent audit services, BRG internal auditors can guarantee your company maximum credibility and trust.




Advisory-International Tax Planning

BRG Accounting firm is focused on supporting local businesses as they grow and also help our clients confidently venture into new international markets.

Tax and VAT

BRG Accounting  Firm assists you with the preparation of your VAT and tax returns. We can also assist you with the setup of your foreign VAT and tax registrations.

Startup Services

BRG helps you understand startup journey, identify key stages and to help develop Startup from “idea to business” and from “entrepreneurial talents to organization“.

Growth Targeted Services

It’s all about trust